Digital Analytics Spring Cleaning List

There are always those things that get put on your I-need-to-fix-this-someday list. It's time for Spring cleaning! Here are some things that definitely need to be on the Spring cleaning list for your digital analytics program.

  • Users. Occasionally you are notified when a user no longer received access either from their manager or from a recipient not found email. Now is the time to draft a very simple email to all users to reply with a "yes" or "no" as to whether they still require access to your digital analytics platform. Provide a reply-by date. Collect all the responses in an email folder. Make a note of those for whom you receive out-of-office replies, and be sure to give them extra time to respond as necessary. You may need to follow up with them individually when they return. I usually give users one week to respond.
  • Data Sets. These are also known as report suites in Adobe Analytics and web properties in Google Analytics. Many times, report suites or web properties are set up and abandoned soon after. We just don't get around to removing them because they're not hurting anything and we have something more important that we need to focus on at the moment. This extends to views in Google Analytics. Get rid of these dust bunnies in the corners of your data.
  • Reports. Get rid of reports you no longer use. Create a folder for reports that you may want to keep for historical reference. (There are just some reports you don't want to recreate.)
  • Segments. Get rid of any one-off segments. If your platform provides an approval process for segments, then approve commonly used segments.
  • Calculated Metrics. Mow down unused calculated metrics. Look through what's left to ensure they are configured correctly.
  • Training. Gather a list of topics your user base is interested in learning more about and host a training session or two.
  • Contracts. Review your contract and make sure you are getting the best value. Maybe your volume is not what you expected. Perhaps you are about to exceed your volume and unexpectedly incur overage fees.
  • Certification. Ensure your certifications are up to date.

Are there other things that you like to include in your spring cleaning? We would love to hear your comments!