Domopalooza 2018: A Recap

With Domopalooza 2018 in the books, we want to recap some of the highlights that resonated with us. 

Keynote speaker Omar Johnson, the former CMO of Beats, presented the idea that data doesn't always give the complete picture, referencing stories about how athletes and women used their headphones as a way to block out unwanted distractions. He attributes these insights to having people on his team that truly understand the product and its users. He also spoke on the importance of having a diverse team and how that has led to a broad range of ideas based on different experiences. 

One surprising guest speaker was the CEO of Traeger Grills, Jeremy Andrus. Andrus was not officially on the agenda but turned out to be a huge advocate and user of Domo in his rapidly growing company. He related a very funny yet useful story about how Domo wasn't being adopted as fast as he thought it should, so he responded posting a weekly list of who was and was not using Domo. Sometimes a little public shaming can work if it’s done right.

While we spent a majority of our time in the Partner Pavilion speaking with customers, our team members were able to sneak out for a couple sessions. While we don't want to pick favorites, the Tips and Tricks session was both informative and memorably funny. Set against a game show backdrop, nine Domo experts vied for a top spot by presenting within a four-minute window. The winner and our personal favorite was a demo of how to embed external content (like a google doc) inside Domo. For those who missed it they will be posting the details on each tip on the Knowledge Base. Simply search for Domopalooza.

Finally, here is a summary of the product enhancements and new features that were announced during the presentations at Domopalooza:

  • Predictive App for data science
  • Image rendering for Domo Apps and Sumo Cards 
  • DomoStats (system DataSets) 
  • Receive Webhook Data
  • Alerts Wizard + Custom Message Builder
  • DataSet Alerts
  • New DataSet Details Data Tab
  • Certified Content (Cards)
  • Domo Apple TV App
  • New Data Center
  • Certified Content: DataSets
  • DataSet Sharing
  • NLG (Machine Generated Narrative Storytelling
  • Smart Alerts, Anomaly Detection
  • Beast Mode Management Tool
  • DataSet Column Renaming
  • Card Orchestration (Chart to Chart interactions)
  • Custom Charts (Including defining custom maps)
  • Dashboard Layouts

As always, Domopalooza was exciting, informative and a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to see what happens in 2019!