Course Review: Getting Started With Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics Academy recently released a new training course: Getting Started With Google Analytics 360. The course contains seven units:

  • One on advanced reporting (Even if you go no further, you'll want to complete this unit)
  • One on BigQuery integration
  • Five (yes, five!) on various DoubleClick integrations

Don't worry if you are neither a DoubleClick nor BigQuery user (in fact, the reason for so many DoubleClick units is suspect), you're going to get excellent mileage out of the content of the first unit. It consists of sections roll-up reporting, custom funnels and custom tables. And, while data-driven attribution is not part of the course, a link to thorough documentation on the topic is also provided.

At the start of the advanced reporting course, you are immediately reminded why you have GA360 in the first place:

  • Data collection guarantees
  • Enhanced data freshness
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unsampled reporting
  • More views per web property
  • More custom dimensions and metrics
  • Dedicated support specialists (This is a very important part of GA360. Otherwise, you will just not get any time with GA support.)

All of the sections provide in-depth information that allows you to take the fullest advantage of GA360, and that introductory section will have you finding new ways to utilize the insights you get from the product.